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  • Encantada

    Encantada es un concepto único en Puerto Rico. Es un área residencial con ambiente de área vacacional. Está ubicada en el área urbana de San Juan, en el municipio de Trujillo Alto. Encantada consiste de 18 "Villas", que incluyen apartamentos "walk-up", "Townhouses", casas familiares y grandes residencias. Cada Villa cuenta con sus facilidades de seguridad y de recreación independientes. Sin embargo, comparte con las otras Villas los arreglos de Seguridad, así como las excelentes facilidades comunales que incluyen el "Sports Center", el "Racket Club", el "Track and Field" y muchas otras.


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El Puente


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The map of the Encantada community

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The entrance: Your arrival to Encantada is announced by the beautiful landscaping, in which tropical palm and fig trees intermingle with beautiful blooming flowers, creating a unique ambiance.

Security: Encantada was created as a closed community, with security being an integral part of the concept. Both the main gate and the entrance to the individual villas are manned by security guards 24 by 7, and maintain radio contact between them and the constantly active patrol cars. Entrance for residents is facilitated by security cards and wireless beepers.

There is a lot more to know about Encantada:

  1. There are 18 Villas, from walk-ups in the middle 100's to residential homes worth a million dollars. Visit Encantada's Villas.
  2. Encantada is proud of its sporting facilities, which include Baseball Fields, Tennis Courts, various swimming pool including an Olympic sized one, numerous basketball courts, Racket ball, gymnasiums and many others.
  3. Life in Encantada revolves around many social, educational and sports activities. Numerous clubs exist, from wine testing to soccer, aerobics, karate, ballet, etc. etc.
  4. Encantada is located near many of San Juan and Carolina’s best private schools and is also a bus stop for the Fort. Buchanan transportation system.
  5. There are pharmacies, supermarkets, general convenience stores, medical laboratories and banking institutions located in Plaza Encantada Shopping Center.

The developments in Encantada are:

  • Single Family Villas: Rio Cristal, Bosque del Lago, Altavilla I and II, La Cima, Parque del Rio, Parque del Monte, L’Antigua, Primavera, Antillana, Pacifica, Riachuelo, Entrerrios, Corrientes;
  • Townhouses: Riverwalk and Town Village;
  • Walkup Apartments: Montecillo I and II, Montecillo Courts and Aventura.

Properties Available in Encantada

Río CRISTAL Encantada - Trujillo Alto
Cond. ANTILLANA - Encantada
Cond. ANTILLANA - Encantada Encantada - Trujillo Alto
La Cima CM-10
La Cima CM-10 Trujillo Alto